4 Fit and Healthy Technology Tools

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We are getting into that time of year again, when family, food, and gatherings take precedence over our healthy lifestyle choices. So I have picked out a few tech tools that can help you offset the holiday overload with a little healthy balance.



BodyBugg is a small device that you wear strapped on your upper arm all day. It will track your level of activity and calorie-burning continuously. By logging on to the website and entering your day’s food intake, the program then calculates exactly how many calories have been used and displays the number of calories available for consumption to maintain weight and reach fitness goals. Customized menus are available to aid in planning nutritional meals within the parameters of each individual’s fitness plan, and an easy-to-use food-logging program with thousands of known foods in an auto-search database makes keeping track of food intake simple.  This product is priced at approximately $350.


FitBit is a  a small device that can be clipped discreetly to your clothes. It tracks your movement throughout the day and delivers reports on how active you’ve been. These reports can be accessed through a website and used to learn not only how many steps you’ve taken but your sleeping patterns and caloric burn as well. You can also participate in collaborative fitness goals with friends, family and co-workers through the website. This product will not be available until December or January and will run about $199.

Wii Fit


Wii Fit is a combination of fitness and fun, with Yoga, balance games, strength training and aerobics you will get your workout and have fun doing it.  The Wii Balance Board is more than just part of the game it is a scale that can read your real-life movements and bring them to life on screen. Check your daily progress in Wii Fit with their customizable charts and graphs. You can also set goals, check your Wii Fit Age, and even enter exercise time you’ve done outside of Wii Fit. The program itself runs at $90, to buy the Wii system can range from $250 to $450.


GoodGuide helps consumers find better and more comprehensive information about the products they buy and the companies that make those products. The site strives to provide the world’s largest and most reliable source of information on the health, environmental, and social impacts of products and companies. GoodGuide’s mission is to help you find safe, healthy, and green products that are better for you and the planet. If you are afraid the choices will be limited, don’t be, the GoodGuide lists 61,000 products for your perusal. This site is free.

If you are or aren’t using these tech tools I would love to hear what you think….


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Bridget is President of The Get Smart Web Consulting Group, a web presence and digital strategy firm with offices in San Diego County California and Collier County Florida. But more importantly she is a web, tech, and Twitter addict!

  • http://www.blogbydonna.com Donna

    I’ve heard good things about the BodyBugg. I have the Wii Fit and love it! It is a lot of fun and my husband and I are just a wee bit competitive :) so it gets real fun sometimes.

    Donna´s last blog post..Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns

  • http://www.livethenews.com krzkrzkrz

    Never heard about the others. But definitely worth going with the wii fit. Then again, Id rather get my exercise outdoors

  • http://www.divadesigndiary.com Holly Peterson

    This is such great information!!! I have a few good friends that have lost a significant amount of weight using the bodybugg and WiiFit…for those of you who haven’t played Wii, check it out! Wii is really fun, and why not have fun while you exercise, right?

    Holly Peterson´s last blog post..Small Kitchen Remodel…Final Completion!

  • http://ssgreylord.blogspot.com ssgreylord

    how cool are these!! I would definitely use the first 2, and no. 3 and, well- i guess i’d try em all. i’m always amazed by the health information you can acquire if you put your mind to finding it. plus, there’s always a few surprises when it comes to calories or calorie burns throughout your day. definitely interested…

  • http://regretfulmorning.com Jason

    Holly, can you post your pic like the rest of these hot divas? Thanks sugar muffin.

    Jason´s last blog post..14 Risqué Halloween Costumes

  • Tonton

    I have a BodyBugg and it’s such a wonderful thing not only for traking my caloric burn but also as a motivation and reminder tool. Too bad I have to run VMWare to use it. Hope they get a browser agnostic version out someday.

  • chris

    Broken link – Under “GoodGuide helps consumers find…” points to “googuide.com”

  • http://www.thegetsmartblog.com/?fbconnect_action=myhome&userid=3 Bridget Ayers

    Donna – I always do better with a little competition! :-)

    Krz – I like to mix it up, outside sometimes just takes too long to get the exercise in, always nice to have some options.

    Holly – Thanks for the feedback, bodybugg does seem like it would keep your mind in the game. I love the wii too.

    Sarah – Thanks a bunch girl, and I know what you mean when I decided to write the post, cool gadgets just jumped out of the woodwork.

    Jason – Sweet pea this is not a dating blog, that is over there at match dot com I believe. ;)

    Tonton – Excellent feedback and good to know about the vmware, I wonder how Fitbit compares to bodybugg in the web browser department?

    Chris – Thank you for pointing out the link, I fixed it. The logo also points to the site.

  • http://sogeshirts.blogspot.com Tim

    Nice post Bridget. WI fit looks pretty sweet I might have to get that one.

    Tim´s last blog post..Sign Twirling

  • http://www.sevensomewhere.com/weightloss Clare

    I’m a big fan of the Wii Fit. I used it every day for a month and could tell the difference in my tummy and my thighs felt more toned too. The only thing is I get frustrated with it when you spend more time moving between exercises than actually working out. I wish someone would make an add on that lets you select a number of exercises up front and then just work through them one after the other.

    Clare´s last blog post..Is the Atkins diet right for you?

  • http://www.johnisfit.com/product-reviews/digital-scale-review/ john@Bathroom Scale Reviews

    I’ve been trying to get one of those BodyBuggs from Apex to review – those look really cool on the Biggest Loser.

  • http://www.breakpal.com Phil

    If your a heavy computer user (no pun intended) you might think about using breakpal


    It’s a computer program that gets you up from your desk every 30 minutes and teaches you an exercise. Interesting exercises too. Not the typical corporate don’t dare risk an injury sort of exercises.


  • http://www.regrowreport.com/provillus-unbiased-review/ Colin@provillus reviews

    I vote for Wii Fit, at least I won’t feel boring when using it!
    This is the first time I heard goodguide, nice resource, thanks.

  • http://www.lavello-sinks.com Matt@apron sinks

    Bodybugg looks cool, but seems a bit pricey. Plus, I might not want to know how inactive I am.

  • http://www.americanairlessonline.com Jason@American Airless

    I love the WiiFit. Its great because it keeps me and my four year old active even when we don’t feel like going outside. Who would have thought video games would have progressed into this.

    Jason´s last blog post..Titan XT330

  • http://profiles.friendster.com/naomiwelsh Joey

    wow! great combination. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://health-symptoms-and-cure.com Tom from Health Symptoms

    I am a fan of fitbit. The name is catchy. This is very useful.

  • http://www.lindamoodbell.com/ Lindamood Bell

    Nice site. Your is provide provide good information.
    I like 2 this site BodyBugg and FitBit.

  • http://www.motionplusgames.com/ MotionPlus Games

    Great article good work! I love Wii Fit I think it is one of the most amazing Nintendo products ever and It really works if you work on it. My favourite so far.

    MotionPlus Games´s last blog post..Academy of Champions Supports Wii MotionPlus

  • http://www.thecoachesdubai.com/ co-active training Dubai

    thanks for the info, i reealy love wiifit

  • http://www.stardothosting.com/linux-vps-hosting James Obaji

    interesting :P

  • http://www.duoblogger.com/ Rochelle

    Hey that's a combination of technology and health! Thanks for sharing those gadgets' features.

  • http://www.blackchiropractic.com.au Dr David Black

    Health when combined with technology makes for a powerful partnership !
    Dr.David Black

  • http://www.mileniumcomputers.com/ Maritza

    Funny site, but i learned from it.

    Milenium Computers

  • http://profiles.friendster.com/susanjenkins susan

    getting to be that time of year again, thought i would check back with this guide as it helped last year.

  • http://profiles.friendster.com/susanjenkins susan

    getting to be that time of year again, thought i would check back with this guide as it helped last year.